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Senki Dojo is a traditional Japanese martial arts school based in Stockport, Manchester and Bury.

Our doors are open to everyone aged 16+, whether you are an experienced martial artist, or a complete beginner. We invite everybody to come and try a free lesson to see if our system is a good fit for you-- we will never pressure students or prospective students and encourage you to do what works best for you; such is the nature of our martial arts.

PF Seminar 2014.PNG

International Pedro Fleitas seminar, Senki Dojo Manchester - 2014

Tuesdays                                                                                 Sundays
19:30 - 21:00                                                                11:00 - 13:00

usual price £5




Dai-Shihan David Castan is the head instructor of Senki Dojo and teaches primarily at Circle Martial Arts Centre in Manchester city centre (temporarily closed due to the building being sold during COVID-19 lockdown).


David has many years of experience teaching martial arts and was a qualified Physical Intervention and Conflict Management trainer, delivering courses to the security sector for over 20 years, including door supervisors and close protection operatives, prior to joining the Greater Manchester Fire Service. He has provided security to high profile clients and uses his extensive experience of the martial arts and security sector in order to provide traditional, but practical and reality based instruction.


On 2nd June 2000, David became the 1,000th person to pass the godan (5th dan) test. Upon doing so, he was presented with a coveted Bujinkan golden dragon medal and a poem to comemorate the occasion by Hatsumi Sensei. This achievement was the realisation of Hatsumi Sensei’s ambition to have 1,000 people pass the godan test, and he named David’s school Senki Dojo meaning ‘the 1,000th demon school’.




Shidoshi-ho Oliver Benson operates Senki Dojo Stockport and has taught alongside his teacher, David in Manchester - where he also trains - for several years. 

Oli has trained in the Bujinkan under Castan Sensei for over ten years, and has been fortunate enough to train with some of the most highly regarded martial arts instructors in the world, including Japanese masters. He has studied a variety of martial arts, both prior to and since accidentally taking a lesson at Senki Dojo, Manchester in 2010 and discovering the Bujinkan.

He is committed to upholding and passing on the traditions of budo and providing martial arts instruction which is both accessible and practical. 


Shihan Gavin Chadwick has over 20 years experience in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu arts, is qualified to deliver Physical Intervention and Conflict Management and has studied a number of sport martial arts including boxing, thai boxing and karate before finding a martial art that he believes takes its spirit from bushido (warrior way). Gavin has run classes in the Bury and Rochdale district for the past 10 years and currently runs his classes (Senki Dojo Bury) from Bamford Academy in Rochdale.

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