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  • Q: I've never done a martial art before. Can I still come?
    A: Of course! Everyone starts somewhere, and you will find our students welcoming and patient. On your first lesson(s) you will be partnered with a more experienced student who can help you find your feet, and adapt more advanced techniques to your level of experience, so that you don't come away feeling that you 'couldn't do it'.
  • Q: What do I need to bring?
    A: For your first few lessons, all you need is comfortable sports clothing and an old t-shirt (this may get stretched; so not your favourite). Once you decide that our training is the right fit for you, you will need a black keikogi (uniform) and may wish to purchase some indoor tabi (training footwear) and training weapons. Your instructor can offer advice as to where to get these items from, or you may be able to purchase them directly from him.
  • Q: How much does it cost?
    A: Lessons are £5, but there are some other associated costs. These costs include: (1) clothing - the price for uniforms vary depending on quality and origin, but a simple keikogi will cost ~£25 and will likely last for years. (2) Japanese membership - this is an annual cost of £30, which is due in January of each year (or pro rata for new students) and constitutes a student's membership to the Bujinkan organisation in Japan, which allows for grade promotions. (3) UK martial arts license and insurance - £25 per year. This is a legal requirement and ensures that you are covered in the very, very unlikley event that you are seriously injured, or seriously injure another student (4) Gradings - it is encouraged, but not mandatory, to participate in grading tests in order to be awarded the next rank. The cost of gradings is £30 and includes an English language certificate issued by Senki Dojo and a Japanese certificate signed and stamped by the Grandmaster. For black belts grading prices vary and include a large certificate handwritten by the Grandmaster
  • Q: How long will it take me to get a black belt?
    A: The age old question. The answer here is difficult, as this depends entirely on how much you train. Assuming you are able to demonstrate sufficient proficiency at each grading examination, this should take a little less than three years. However, this is by no means the end of your journey; indeed many argue that it is just the beginning.
  • Q: Is it dangerous? Will I get hurt?
    A: Training is conducted in a controlled environment, where each student takes care not to injure each other. As with all physical activity, there is always the risk of accident or injury, but this is minimised wherever possible and such instances are extremely rare. It would not be unfair to say that you are more likely to be injured playing football or rugby than training martial arts. In the event of accident or injury, instructors are qualified first aiders. After your first few lessons, there is a good chance that you will feel sore, however this is due to muscles stretching in ways that they are not used to rather than any kind of bruising, and is not dissimilar to the soreness you may feel after going to the gym. After a short period of time, you will adapt to this and no longer suffer much, if any, post-training discomfort.
  • Q: Do I need to be in fit/am I too old?
    A: Absolutely not. Training will improve your fitness and body conditioning, but you do not need a baseline of fitness. Training is always taken at your own pace (though with encouragement to push yourself) and adaptation is a key part of what we do, so techniques can be altered in order to make them more accessible to you, until you are ready. You are never too old to start training. Some students start as children and move up to adult classes, some students don't join until they are already retired. Please speak with your instructor about any injury, disability or difficulty which you may have before the start of your first lesson.
  • Q: Do you do children's lessons?
    A: For the moment, no; however we do have an established 'Shinobi Kids' programme, which adapts our martial art for training by children, and which will be brought to Stockport in due course. All instructors have enhanced DBS checks and a suitable child protection policy will be put in place prior to commencement of children's lessons.
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